Shipping rates are determined by the store owner using Shopify’s shipping settings. The Lulu xPress Shopify App will apply a shipping method based on those shipping settings. Additionally, shipping rates will not affect what we charge you for shipping. If you set the rate for shipping to $5 and it costs us $6 to ship, then you will pay the difference.

Product Creation and Product Weight

The first step is to create the product within Shopify and connect the product to a Lulu xPress project. When you create the product in Shopify we recommend setting the weight of the product to 1 lb. Since we handle the shipping, the weight of your product in your Shopify store will not matter. This is an important step for later when setting up shipping for different quantities.

Create a Shipping Profile

The next step is to create a shipping profile within your Shopify Settings with all of your Lulu xPress products. This is done by navigating to Settings > Shipping and Delivery. On the Shipping and Delivery settings page click Create New Profile. We recommend that you name your profile something easily identifiable, like “Lulu xPress Products.” Click Add Products and select all of your Lulu xPress products.

If you need more help with creating a Shipping Profile, you can find more information on Shopify’s support page here.

Create Shipping Zones

Determine which countries and regions you wish to service with your store. The more zones you create, the more control over the shipping price you will have. Please note, however, that the more zones you have, the more work it will take to configure your shipping rates. We recommend creating zones based on the countries and regions your main customer base will be in.

For example, if you believe your main customer base will be in the US, but you also believe you will have some customers in Canada and the UK, then you will set up a shipping zone for the US, Canada, and the UK. Finally, you can create a “Rest of the World” zone to cover all the other countries and regions you wish to service.

When naming your zones, we recommend adding an identifier to each zone. For example, “United States - Lulu.” In a later step this will make mapping your shipping methods within the Lulu xPress App easier.

Note: The Shipping From address does not matter. Shipping rates will be manually entered, so the location within Shopify does not affect the shipping rates. If you wish to use Lulu’s mailing address, you are welcome to do so.

If you need more help with creating Shipping zones, you can find more information on Shopify’s support page here.

Lulu xPress Shipping Rates

All of our shipping rates can be found on our Pricing Calculator here. We recommend opening this page in a new browser window or tab for easy access. First configure your product within the calculator, then enter the number of copies and select a country. It will then list all available methods and their shipping rate.

Determine how much you are going to charge for shipping based on the rates provided to you through the Pricing Calculator.

Tip: The Pricing Calculator on the Lulu xPress website will also show which shipping methods are traceable. 

Shipping Rates

For each shipping zone you created, you will need to add at least 1 rate. These are the rates your customers will see during checkout. Additionally, you will need to determine the number of shipping methods you will make available for your customers to select from. For some countries, we have up to 5 available shipping methods. You do NOT need to include every shipping method we have available in your store. However, we recommend having at least 1 traceable shipping method for each zone.

Click Add Rate to begin.

Make sure Set up your own rates is selected.

Use the dropdown menu for Shipping Speed and select Custom Flat Rate.

Enter in the Rate Name. For example, “Mail.”

Enter the Price you wish to charge your customers. Refer back to the Lulu xPress Pricing Calculator if you plan on using our exact rates. 

Note: If you don’t want to set up shipping based on quantity - just a single price no matter how many products are ordered - skip these next steps and click Done.

Click Add Conditions.

Select Based on item weight.

Enter in Minimum and Maximum weight based on the number of items this shipping rate is for. For example, if a rate is for 1 product, the minimum will be 1 lb and maximum will be 1 lb.

Pro Tip: We recommend setting up rates based on quantity groups, as it can be very tedious to set up rates for each quantity. For example, set up rates for 1 copy, 2 to 5 copies, 6 to 10 copies, 11 to 20 copies, and so on. That means for 2 to 5 copies set the Minimum Weight to 2 lbs and Maximum Weight to 5 lbs.

Click Done.



Add rates for each zone, shipping method, and quantity.

Be sure to click Save when you are finished.

Note: This process can take a while and be tedious.

Map Shipping Methods in the Lulu xPress App

Navigate to Apps > Lulu xPress > More Actions > Settings and scroll down to Manage Shipping Options. This will list every shipping zone within every profile created within your Shopify Shipping Settings. If you have multiple products and shipping profiles, there may be a large list of zones to choose from. If you followed our recommendations when naming your zones, you will be able to quickly identify the shipping zones associated with your Lulu xPress products because they will have “Lulu” in the name.

By default, Automatic Mapping will be selected for each shipping method. We recommend mapping each method to a specific Lulu Shipping option to ensure that the correct method will be used upon checkout. For example, select Mail in the drop down under Lulu Shipping Option for the Mail method that was created.

Repeat this process for each shipping method, quantity group, and zone you have created.

IMPORTANT: When you are finished mapping each method, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.